Presbyterian Women

Membership in Presbyterian Women is open to all women who choose to participate or be supportive in any way.

Presbyterian Women Circles meet once a month for Bible study, special ministries and fellowship:
DORCAS  – 2nd  Monday afternoon – at the Church
MARTHA  – 2nd Monday night – at the Church
DEBORAH  – 2nd Tuesday morning – in homes or at the Church
RUTH   – 2nd Tuesday morning – in homes or at the Church
HANNAH/LYDIA – 2nd Tuesday Noon – at the Church (brown bag)- Nursery provided on request
CIRCLE OF FRIENDS – 2nd Wednesday evening – at the Church

Salvation Army                                                  Warren County Children’s Shelter
Vicksburg Child and Parent Center                   Meals on Wheels
Palmer Home for Children                                 French Camp
Red Cross                                                         Family Development Center
Jacobs Ladder                                                   Nursing Home Activities

Mission Opportunities include a school supplies drive, layettes for new moms, early education books and toys, and  over-seas medical needs.

Presbyterian Women Service Circles are in addition to the regular Bible Study Circles. You may belong to as many of these as you desire. 
These circles meet as needed:
Care/Transportation Circle – Minister to members in the way of food, transportation and errands as needed in the event of sickness or death.
Sanctuary Circle – Prepare Communion, polish silver, upkeep of pencils, friendship pads, hymnals.
Kitchen Circle – Clean, organize and monitor kitchen area and supplies.

Special offerings and gifts include the Love Offering in February which goes to a local charity..