Wednesday Night

• Will Montgomery is teaching an in depth study of Job. This groups meets on Wednesday night at 6:00 in the classroom to the right of the elevator.

• Sara Johnson is teaching on Isaiah, This group meets at 6:00 on Wednesday night in the Library.

• Todd Boolos and Blake Teller are teaching a Max Lucado video series. They are currently meeting at the Teller home, in the pool house. This group meets on Tuesday night at 6:00.

• Fred Newcomb and Donna Bodron are teaching from The Christian Manifesto by Alistair Begg. They meet in the Koionia room Wednesday night at 6:00.

• Mike Davis is teaching an in depth study on David. They meet at 4:00 on Wednesday afternoon in the conference room.

• Fireside Chat is a discussion group currently studying They Turned the World Upside Down by Charles Martin. They meet Thursday at 10:00 in the conference room