Sunday School at First Presbyterian

Extend your worship experience by being part of a Sunday morning class. In addition to our program for children and youth, we have several different classes for adults every Sunday! In each, we focus on engaging God’s Word and enjoying fellowship with God’s people.

Sunday School:
Most of our Sunday school classes are at 9:30 am. Middle and High School Sunday school is in the lower level of the Sanctuary Building.

Adult classes are divided between the Education Building and the Sanctuary Building.

Please ask any staff person for assistance.

Sunday School News

Children’s Sunday School

Sunday School: The children are learning about the Holy Spirit and the beginning of the Church as they continue to study the New Testament using The Gospel Project Curriculum.


-Pre-K(3) through 1st grade meet in the Rainbow Room (113) with Laurie Malik, Randy Sherard, Phyllis Gebhart, & Gareth Lampkin.

-2nd – 6th Graders meet upstairs in the Joyful Noise Room (204) with Betty Kamman & Dennis Coulter

Youth Sunday School 

Please join this Spring us as the youth continue their survey of the New Testament, focusing particularly on the Gospels. Youth Sunday School meets at 9:30 am in the teen room. Let us all praise God for His sacrifice in Christ and encourage our youth to strive to live a life that glorifies Him and bears witness to His awesome love and enduring faithfulness..